Friday, December 7, 2012

I'm still alive in case anyone is wondering. What I'm doing right now? well, that's for me to know and you not to.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Things that make you wonder.

I can post a thousand things in here on what is on my mind.

But, then as I rant, rave, and let all my thoughts and feelings come out.

I say what's the point?

All the people that read this, will try to figure out who this is and try to cause some sort of trouble or think I'm trying to stir up drama for attention.

No, I'm not. If i really wanted that I would have agreed to do the article but nonetheless.

Something will be posted about certain things, and it's what's on my mind now.

Like the Experiment....
the two experiments that I conducted within the last year or so.

And hopefully you'll be ready to hear it, read it and relate.


Thursday, October 8, 2009


This blog will be on a indefinite absence of hiatus.

I do not know when or if I will return and if I choose to do so, whether or not it will be a public one like this or entirely different private one alone.

That is my choice.

A clean slate.

Just as these blogs sit there collecting dust on the shelves, like books never to read again. That's how I feel to start over, a clean slate starting right now.

Friday, August 7, 2009

restraining order

What do you think a restraining order means?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

no longer valid

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

hmm hmmm..

Saturday, June 20, 2009

no way, hosay

I will not be easily intimidated into giving into your demands.

I will not be easily threatened into keeping quiet.

Therefore, on saying that, I will not keep what I went through "quiet" in hopes you keep whatever goods you have on me out. You want to tell the world, I watch television, listen to music and hang out on fan discussion message boards, and chat boards. By, all means.
I'm saving you the trouble by letting people know that is one of my weaknesses. I'm not ashamed. I have nothing to hide. I will not cover it up nor deny that I was on a fan discussion board, let it be an old soap opera that I use to watch, or Degrassi series....that's besides the point.

Now you do not have anything on me to use against me, to try to intimidate me, to try to black mail into supposedly ruining your reputation.

You want to send people my posts logs of the places I frequented, and give them links so they can read my thoughts, and whatever on those topics whatever it was I had with those people, by all means, do that if that will get you some support, some sympathy, some sense of understanding of what you've put up with, which I guess in your eyes, according to you, justifies the means for what the hell you put me through all these years...hmmm...


this is to
NO as in I will not allow you nor anyone else to do that to me, to think they have that sense of power or control over me.
Whether it be you the ex....or your friends, yeah the ones that also frequent here, and there, like vultures circling around their prey and waiting, to make their move zip!

I'm not afraid.

As the song in Native deen goes, "I'm not Afraid to Stand Alone."

and I'm definitely not afraid so whatever threats you have or "goods" you think you can use to try to scare me into giving into you, sorry. But, you haven't won, I do not care if you record me over the phone with you in telling you, I want to finalize this divorce and get your address...stop playing these games!
But, no..
you want to play these games.... you love it for some odd reason, it's a sick and twisted thing of yours.
I do not have time to play these games, and using these things you have against me really doesn't work at least for me as I'm saying "ENOUGH! and grow up!"